The first pea festival



Grašac, stronger than destiny, is the most adequate description of what happened during one week in June on Fruška gora, in Novi Sad and Petrovaradin, where the first Grašac Festival was held, the great international evaluation GROW du Monde and the press trip, all dedicated to the variety known as Grašac, Graševina, Laški Riesling, Riesling Italico, Olaszriesling, RyzlingVlassky…
On June 10, about 40 wine producers from this variety from Serbia, the region and Hungary gathered at the Petrovaradin Fortress to cross the somewhat anathematized Italian Riesling variety and almost officially cross it into Grašac, at least in our area.
In addition to all the well-known labels, there were also those that brought a top surprise. Winery Gamanović from Kladovo in a still unlabeled bottle offers barricaded peas of exceptional quality. The visitor from Russia firmly accepted the bottle, we were hardly convinced to share the last sips. After six months in the barrel, it is a very interesting wine with a certain specific weight of complexity with that fine touch of wood and delicate aroma of resin. They have only two barrels and they plan to keep it in the Serbian oak for another three months, although it seems to us that it is already ready to be a real hit. In the meantime, they also offer stainless steel peas from the same vintage, a different but also beautiful wine in which the herbal notes are pleasantly expressed.